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Vampires are a humanoid creature created from the reanimated corpse of a human slain by another vampire. They are best known for attacking human beings in order to drink their blood to remain strong and youthful. One of the most well known members of these creatures is Count Dracula

Physical Appearance[]

Physically, vampires look no more different to human beings, however they do have some slight differences. One definitive difference is their teeth, which are fangs, an inch long in lengh, which they use to pierce the skin of their victims and drink their blood, as well as pass their curse along. Vampires also are not seen during the day, as the sunlight will kill them if exposed. Vampires are also not permitted to exposure to items of a religious nature such as the cross, holy water, etc. Another great distinction is their lack of a reflection on a mirror, which normal people have.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Vampire Physiology: Though they look mostly human, vampires are beings who possess many abilities that no normal human being should.
    • Immortality: Through continuously drinking the blood of human beings, vampires are capable of prolonging their lifespan indefinitely. This also gives them the ability to maintain a youthful and seductive type form so long as blood is consumed.
      • Regeneration: By drinking the blood of the living, vampires may regenerate seemingly any loss of their undead tissue. It is currently unknown if they can regenerate limbs, although it is certain that they cannot regrow their head if decapitated.
    • Super Strength: Vampires are believed to possess the strength of ten to twenty strong men.
    • Super Speed: Vampires are believed to move and react at preternatural speed.
    • Enhanced Senses: Vampires are natural predators of men, able to see in complete darkness and track the heartbeat or blood of a victim from a long distance like a blood hound.


  • Sunlight: Since vampires are only nocturnal creatures, they sleep during the day, as the sun will kill them should they become exposed to it.
  • Decapitation: Aside from a traditional stake to the heart, vampires can also be killed by severing their head from their body