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Vampires are supernatural creatures within the mythology of the Dark Universe. Their exact lore and history have yet to be revealed within the context of the cinematic universe, however what is known is that they are nocturnal predators who sleep by day and walk by night to prey upon the blood of living mammals, particularly humans. As such, they have been regarded as a menace both by historical monster hunters and Prodigium. The only hint of vampires within this world thus far was the appearance of a long-vanquished vampire's skull contained and preserved within a jar at Prodigium headquarters.



The origins of vampires remains unrevealed. What is possible is that all vampires were originally humans who underwent a conversion process. Thus, the genesis of vampirism most likely can be traced to a human transformed by a curse. A popular belief is that vampirism exists within a bloodline; a vampire 'sire' will exsanguinate a victim only to give the dying vessel some of its own blood to begin the conversion. The only evidence of vampires being the severed humanoid skull with elongated and sharp upper and lower canines. As such, vampires retain the same appearance they did as a human. The most dangerous Vampire is Count Dracula.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Immortality:
    • Regeneration:
  • Super Strength: Vampires are widely regarded as possessing the strength of twenty men; able to lift 3,100 lbs - well over a ton. With this inhuman strength, a single vampire can overpower and kill a grown man with little effort. This is ideal for their role as unnatural predators of men; able to hunt their prey and capture them with superior strength. Another common belief is that vampires grow stronger with age and establish hierarchies based on generation with older vampires being strong enough to easily lift the weight of the average car as well as overpower or kill their younger brethren.
  • Super Speed:
  • Heightened Senses:
    • Night Vision:


  • Hunting:


  • Daylight:
  • Decapitation:
  • Flames:
  • Heart Destruction: