Set Demon
Status: Inhabiting Nick Morton
Role: Faustian Deity
Age: Ancient
Significant other(s): Ahmanet (Rejected by Nick)
Played by: Tom Cruise (Possessing Nick Morton)
Film: The Mummy
"Set. The god of death. They made a pact. A pact that would unleash darkness itself."
―Dr. Henry Jekyll describes Ahmanet's pact with Set.[1]
The demon known to the Egyptians as Set is both the god of death and sovereign of the Underworld. Known by other such epithets as Satan and Lucifer, Set is the embodiment of evil; the Devil himself. It was unto Set that the disgraced princess Ahmanet sold her soul for the throne.


Set is nothing more or less than the ultimate personification of evil, death, destruction, chaos, and storms. He is a mighty and authoritative god who seeks to uphold his next life circles, and to kill Ahnamet after she did not made her part of the deal. However, he seems to be caring and protective, as he sees Jenny dead or rather thought to be protector of Ra.

Set really the Bigger Bad of the entire film events, as he masterminds the events of the film from behind the scenes and he is the one who made Ahnamet an undead mummy. Despite his chaotic and extremely evil personality, Set is also anti-heroic villain, after he becomes fused with Nick, they become anti-heroes, but Set is not redeemed, and it is speculated that Set will be possibly the main antagonist of the Dark Universe.



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