"Hey, Pete, did you turn up the mercury? Pete?"
―A Prodigium technician

Pete was a Prodigium technician who was possessed by Ahmanet and coerced into freeing her from her captivity in Prodigium Headquarters, leading to his death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ahmanet's Escape[edit | edit source]

Pete was monitoring the mercury being pumped into Ahmanet's bloodstream when she controlled a spider into crawling into his ear. Controlling Pete through the spider, Ahmanet turned up the temperature on the mercury in her bloodstream, turning it back into a liquid and forcing her to vomit it up.

When another technician asked Pete if he turned up the temperature on the mercury, Pete grabbed an axe and used it to destroy the chains keeping Ahmanet contained. Pete later died in the chaos.

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