Nick Morton
Nick Morton-0
Status: Immortal (Resurrected; Possessed by Set)
Role: Lead Character
Age: 40's
Date of death: c.2017 (Both Times; Resurrected)
Cause of death: Plane Crash (1st Time)
Suicide (2nd Time)
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Soldier of Fortune
Private Contractor
Treasure Hunter
Tomb Raider
Expertise: Marksmanship
Other family: 5' 10"
Played by: Tom Cruise
First film: The Mummy
"You are alive, because you were chosen."
Henry Jekyll to Nick Morton.[src]
Nick Morton is the lead character of 2017's The Mummy. He is a soldier of fortune and Long Range Reconnaissance operative within the United States military who specialises in treasure hunting and tomb raiding. Nick, alongside an American military unit in Iraq to retrieve an ancient sarcophagus from Egypt and bring it back to London. While within the region, he incidentally unearths the tomb of the princess Ahmanet and inadvertently resurrects her. Her reawakening causes their plane to crash due to a murder of crows. Not having a parachute, he is killed in the crash only to be later resurrected after being chosen by Ahmanet. At the climax of the film, Nick is faced with the choice of being the sacrifice to bring forth Set, the Egyptian God of Death, He impales himself with the blade that contains the essence of Set and in doing so, becomes a living God bound in human flesh.

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Powers Edit

  • Dark Divinity Possession: Nick's supernatural powers stem from his possession by the god of death Set. Although Set's essence and consciousness remains within him, Nick retains control of his body and mind while still maintaining full access to Set's powers. Set's memories and consciousness do exist within Nick's mind and as a result he will always be attuned to evil and drawn to darkness so long as Set remains within him. As Dr. Jekyll explained, Nick has only just begun to discover the full extent of his new, godly powers, and only his goodness and strength of spirit can hold back Set's darkness.
    • Immortality: Nick was able to survive a direct hit from Ahmanet which sent him flying.
      • Regeneration:
    • Super Strength: During his fight with Ahmanet, Nick was able to punch her and send her flying.
    • Super Speed:
    • Near invulnerability:
    • Resurrection:
      • Healing:
    • Life Siphoning:
    • Heat Secretion:
    • Teleportation:
    • Weather Manipulation:

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Weaknesses Edit

  • Evil Essence:

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Allies Edit

  • Jenny Halsey - Romantic Interest and Resurrectee.
  • Vail - Best Friend and Resurrectee.

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Nick Morton was portrayed by Tom Cruise in The Mummy.


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