Menehptre was the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and the father of Ahmanet. He promised her that she would succeed him as pharaoh, but when he bore a son he took back his promise, which later caused Ahmanet to assassinate him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ahmanet's Birth[edit | edit source]

5000 years before 2017, Menehptre was the king of Ancient Egypt. Menehptre and his wife would eventually become the parents of a daughter, who they named Ahmanet. However, his wife died as a result of giving birth to Ahmanet.

Assassination[edit | edit source]

When Ahmanet had grown old enough, Menehptre told her that she would eventually succeed him as queen upon his death. However, Menehptre's second wife would eventually give birth to a son, which would leave Ahmanet, a woman, unable to claim the throne upon Menehptre's death. A vengeful Ahmanet sought revenge.

One night, she snuck into her father's room while he was sleeping. Ahmanet murdered Menehptre first, by slitting his throat. Ahmanet would kill her younger brother as well. She used the blood of her deceased father and brother, as well as her own, to summon the Egyptian god of death, Set, and promised him the body of a mortal man to inhabit so that they may rule together as king and queen. However, Menehptre's guards caught Ahmanet in the act and mummified her alive, leaving her for dead for 5000 years.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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