Dagger of Set

The Dagger of Set is an ancient divine artifact wielded by Ahmanet in the 2017 film, The Mummy.

The Mummy (2017)Edit

Centuries ago, Ahmanet made a pact with the dark god Set, so that she would become the true ruler of Egypt, while promising the god himself a suitable candidate for him to possess. He gave her this dagger as a means of channeling his essence into the person she chose so he can take human form. After she was seized however, so was the dagger. By 1127 A.D. however, several crusaders found the dagger and took the ruby from the pommel and buried it with one of their own who passed on. The dagger however was placed in a reliquary, where it remained until the present day.

After her resurrection however, Ahmanet would lead Nick Morton, her chosen candidate for Set to a church where the dagger was hidden. Breaking open the container, she attempted to kill Nick with it and allow Set to take his place amongst the mortals, however stopped after realizing the dagger was missing the ruby in the pommel. She would eventually be captured and the dagger seized once more from her. It was placed in a glass jar until she escaped and took it with her to the catacombs where the ruby was located. Once there, she reunited the dagger with the ruby, which she would impale Nick. With Nick in the catacombs as well, she had it in her hand, only for Nick to swipe it from her and almost destroy the stone in the pommel. After cracking the stone, Ahmanet managed to convince him that should he allow her to impale him, he would become a living god. Nick realized such power would save Jenny Halsey, who lied on the ground dead, so he impaled himself with the dagger, allowing the evil god to take possession of his body. Despite this however, Nick fought off the god's will and killed Ahmanet by sapping the life from her with his new found powers.

After Ahmanet was defeated, the dagger remained and it was taken by members of Prodigium and placed in storage, along side a recently re-mummified Ahmanet.

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