This is a timeline of events that occurred before the 20th century.

3000's B.C.

  • Menehptre is born.
  • Menehptre becomes pharaoh of Egypt.
  • Ahmanet is born. However, her mother dies during childbirth.
  • A son is born to Menehptre. Ahmanet, now unable to inherit the title of pharaoh, murders Menehptre and her brother, using their blood as well as her own to summon Set, promising to find him a mortal man to inhabit so that they may rule the world as king and queen. Ahmanet attempts to sacrifice her lover to Set, but Menehptre's priests kill him before she can. Ahmanet is mummified alive and sealed in a tomb, and is assumed dead for 5000 years.

1127 A.D.

  • A ruby for the Dagger of Set is buried with a deceased crusader knight.


  • Vlad Tepes III, Prince of Wallachia was born.



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